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First MidWinter Sermon
For opening worship of MidWinters 2023, Natalie Webb preaches for the church to stop focusing on the spirit at the the expense of the physical. The Scripture readings were Corinthians 15:35-44 and Matthew 28:16-20.

What's Next?
Building on the previous lecture, Jinkins argues that we need to recover the core theological concern of Christian faith: Living the life for which God created us.

I: Reality, Grief, and Hope
In this First Currie lecture of 2023 Timothy Beal asks how we respond to what may be a finite human future.

The Reformed Project
Michael Jinkins recounts the beginnings of the reformed project, particularly Calvin's emphasis on countering superstition, ignorance, and corruption.

Pedagogy of the Ancestors
First Westervelt Lecture of MidWinters 2023. Patrick Reyes asks questions to encourage "unstuck in time" thinking and expand our vision.

With You Always
Second MidWinter sermon of 2011. The reading was Matthew 28:16-20.

Healing Our Broken Humanity
First Jones lecture of MidWinters 2023. Grace Ji-Sun Kim recounts the discrimination faced by Asian Americans, past and present, and offers lament as a remedy.

From Worry to Wonder
This sermon was delivered during the opening worship of MidWinters 2011. The reading was Luke 12:22-34.

II: Composting Christianity
In this Second Currie lecture of 2023 Timothy Beal asks how we can break down and reconceive Christianity in light of the climate crisis.

Write When You Find Work: The Religion of Jesus and the Public Schools: Why We Can't Wait
In the final Currie Lecture of 2011 Timothy Tyson emphasizes the need for educational and personal formation.
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