2012 MidWinters


2012 MidWinters

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Poetry for the Older Brother
Craig Barnes speaks on what to do with the perspective the older brother who was not lost, and did not squander everything.

What do we do Now?
Tom are concludes his lecture series by discussing belief and action.

Does Mainline Salvation Really Lie with "Spiritual but Not Religious?"
Lilian Daniel discusses the need for the church to confront our current culture of narcissism.

Poetry Against Despair
Craig Barnes suggests how pastors might speak to despair.

Stay in Jerusalem
Second MidWinter sermon of 2012. The scripture reading was Acts 1:1-11.

Stop Apologizing for a Church you are Not a Member of
Lillian Daniel discusses the ways in which organized religion grounds us, and how mainline churches needs to challenge the culture's assumption that all churches are the same.

God Talk in the Wilderness
Tom Are explores the way in which theological speech functions in the church.

Wild Beasts in the Wilderness
Tom Are discusses the Church in our time and Christianity as always existing in particular moments and situations.

Boat in a Storm
Sermon delivered during opening worship for the 2012 MidWinter lectures. The scripture reading was Matthew 14:22.
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