2024 MidWinters


2024 MidWinters

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Third Currie Lecture
Emilie Townes closes out her final Currie lecture by speaking about the healing power of hope.

Second Jones Lecture
Cláudio focuses moves on from "rising up" to "landing" for the second Jones Lecture of 2024.

Second Westervelt Lecture
Cheryl Bear shares more indigenous stories in her second Westervelt lecture.

Second Midwinter Sermon
Chris Currie preaches on "left handed power" in this second MidWinter sermon. The Scripture reading was Romans 12:9-21.

Second Currie Lecture
In this lecture Emilie Townes offers solutions for removing our polarization.

First Jones Lecture
"Rising up" is the theme of Cláudio Carvalhaes' first Jones lecture of MidWinters 2024.

First Westervelt Lecture
Cheryl Bear shares stories of indigenous life in this first Westervelt lecture of 2024.

First Currie Lecture
Emilie Townes presents lament as the path to joy and an alternative to the "Premeditated indifference" of polarization and despair.

First MidWinter Sermon
Chris Currie preaches the opening sermon for MidWinters 2024. The Scripture reading was Romans 8:28-38.
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