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On December 17, 1947, Austin Seminary faculty made the following decision on the application of a black student: “The application of Lonnie R. Proctor, a Negro, for admission to the Seminary as a theological student was presented. No action by the…

2017-10-24 Chapel Ich Kann Nicht Anders (Hooker).mp4
Chapel Sermon delivered by Paul Hooker on October 24, 2017 as part of the "Here I stand" faculty sermon series. Scripture readings were Ecclesiastes 3:9-15 and Mark 5:24b-34.

2017-10-31 Chapel Shameless (Rigby).mp4
Chapel Sermon delivered by Cynthia Rigby on October 31, 2017 as part of the "Here I stand" faculty sermon series. Scripture readings were Romans 1:16-17 and Acts 17:16-32.

Rev. Lang wrote to the paper in Fort Stockton from Camp Merritt in New Jersey, giving an update on his deployment, which was canceled due to the Armistice. Lang would continue to serve as chaplain to soldiers (including injured soldiers) coming home.

This poem was handwritten by solider Pat George Bright of Merritt, New Jersey, to his girlfriend. It found its way into Rev. Jones "soldier file," perhaps because it was left behind in the church or sent to Jones for safekeeping.
Newspaper clipping of picture and description of Ricky Holmes and the excitement of and anticipation of the Christmas holiday circa 1950s.
Photo of the 2005 APTS Polity Bowl team
Float: 3000 Miles to the Pacific (University of Texas Round-Up parade on March 27, 1953)

A photograph of a man avoiding having his flag pulled during the 1987 Polity Bowl game.
A black and white photograph of a man being lifted onto the shoulders of the APTS players at a 1980's Polity Bowl game.
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