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Group photo of the March, 2014 HESED lectureship.

racial ethnic fellowship.jpg
2001 Photograph of the Austin Seminary Racial Ethnic Fellowship

Photograph of Elsworth "Pete" Wright at his Austin Seminary birthday party, 1991

Photograph from the Austin Seminary Bulletin, March, 1976 depicting Elsworth "Pete" Wright and Joe T. Sheeler at the Austin Seminary Association banquet. Wright was the first African-American to receive the Austin Seminary Association (ASA) Award for…

Photograph of Sharon Alexander, the first African American administrative assistant at Austin Seminary, serving as the assistant to Prescott Williams until 1978.

Bridgett Green hr_BW.jpg
Photograph of Austin faculty member Bridgett Green

1948 Noble Monroe_retirement_2.jpg
Photo from the 1948 Theolog, dedicated to Noble Monroe

Asante Todd_2016.jpg
Faculty photograph of Asante Todd, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics

Margaret Aymer_2016.jpg
Photograph of Margaret Aymer, The First Presbyterian Church, Shreveport, D. Thomason Professor of New Testament Studies for Austin Seminary

Stubbs, Monya Fall2004.jpg
Photograph of Monya Stubbs, Austin Seminary Assistant Professor of New Testament
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