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2019-06-11 Chapel DMIN Along with the women (Lincoln, Timothy).mp4
Timothy Lincoln highlights the presence of women in Luke-Acts for in this Pentecost sermon. Scripture readings were from Luke 1:26-38 and Acts 1:10-14.

2019-06-04 Chapel DMIN The Long goodbye (Hooker, Paul).mp4
For this post-Ascension Day chapel sermon, Paul Hooker reflects on the ways in which the momentous and the mundane are bound up together in this in-between time. The scripture reading was Acts 1:1-11.

2013-02-06 Midwinters Jones 2 Migrant Writing as Scripturer (Aymer, Margaret).mp4
Building on her previous lecture in which she reflected on the ways that New Testament writings are migrant writings, Margaret Aymer discusses the implications for our modern reading of scripture.

2013-02-05 Midwinters Jones 1 New Testament as Migrant Writings (Aymer, Margaret).mp4
Margaret Aymer makes the case that the New Testament has the characteristics of migrant writings and paints a picture of early Christianity as communities of migrants.

2013-02-06 Midwinters Westervelt 2 A company of criminals (small, Joseph).mp4
Joe Small dicusss Nature and purpose of the church in this second Westervelt lecture of 2013.

2013-02-05 Midwinters Westervelt 1 The Body Lies Bleeding (Small, Jospeph).mp4
Joe Small discusses the history of church splits and ecclesiastical dialogue in this first Westervelt lecture of 2013.

2013-02-05 Midwinters Sermon 2 Bulls Bears and baptisms (Travis, Karl).mp4
Karl Travis preaches on the problems of income inequality in our society and the churches response. The scripture reading was Mark 12:41-44.

2013-02-04 Midwinters Sermon 1 Fair Balance (Travis, Karl).mp4
Karl Travis preaches on the difficulty of following Jesus in the world's wealthiest nation in this opening MidWinter sermon of 2013. He urges us to reverse the cultural order of things by extending a hand down the income ladder, rather than…

2019-04-30 Chapel Creating Space for the Other (Cuéllar, Gregory).mp4
Gregory Cuéllar preaches on how the stone the builders rejected has becoming the cornerstone, and how Jesus makes the "other" become the new standard. Scripture readings were John 20:19-31 and Psalm 118:21-23.

2019-04-23 Chapel Whom are you looking for (Green, Bridgett).mp4
This chapel sermon was preached by Bridgett Green the Tuesday after Easter 2019. Scripture reading was John 20:1-18.
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