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Education Beyond the Walls

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Christian Understandings of Christ: The Historical Trajectory
Dave Jensen recounts four historical views on Jesus: Irenaeus, Julian of Norwich, Martin Luther, and James Cone.

Preaching about Racism: A Guide for Faith Leaders
In this webinar, Carolyn Helsel discusses ways that white churches can work towards addressing the problem of racism in America.

Archival Criticism: The British Museum, Empire, and the Making of the Biblical Scholar in the Nineteenth Century
This webinar covers the history of biblical scholarship in the 19th century.

Young Adults and the Church<br /><br />
This webinar discusses church work with youth in the context of America's changing religious landscape.

Power, Gender, and Gun Violence
In this webinar, Asante Todd provides an overview of the values behind gun debate in America, the larger cultural situation, identity, and how they relate to the nature of God.

Engaging our Social Locations in Service to Justice
In this webinar, Owens-Jofré provides an overview of intersectionality, social location, and how they can be used to promote justice.

Metaphor, Meaning &amp; Making Belief:  Thinking Poetically About Faith
Paul Hooker explains how poetic metaphors can point to abstract spiritual realities.

Allan Cole presents five things you need to know on grief and bereavement.

This workshop presents ten things to know about healthy leadership.

David Jensen discusses Christian traditions of marriage and how they relate to same-sex marriage.
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