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Insights Vol.138, No.2 (Spring 2023)
Issue focus: African American Spritualities

Windows Vol.134, No.3 (Summer-Fall 2019)
The theme for this issue is "telling stories."

Insights Vol.138, No.1 (Fall 2022)
Issue focus: Honoring Professor Paul Hooker

Windows Vol.134, No.2 (Spring 2019)
"Archives" are the main theme for this issue, which focuses on the archival collections in the Stitt Library.

Insights Vol.137, No.2 (Spring 2022)
Issue focus: Honoring Professor David Johnson

Windows Vol.134, No.1 (Winter 2019)
This issue celebrates the decades-long relationship Austin Seminary has enjoyed with students and supporters from The United Methodist Church.

Insights Vol.137, No.1 (Fall 2021)
Issue focus: Just the right word

Windows Vol.133, No.3 (Summer-Fall 2018)
"Scholarship for the Church." This issue focuses on the theme of scholarship in service to the church and includes perspectives from three faculty members.

Insights Vol.136, No.2 (Spring 2021)
Issue focus: Beauty in the Church's Mission

Windows Vol.133, No.2 (Spring 2018)
"Chaplains: Making it personal." This issue focuses on the vocation of chaplaincy.
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