Windows is published three times each year by Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

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Windows Vol.134, No.3 (Summer-Fall 2019)
The theme for this issue is "telling stories."

Windows Vol.134, No.2 (Spring 2019)
"Archives" are the main theme for this issue, which focuses on the archival collections in the Stitt Library.

Windows Vol.134, No.1 (Winter 2019)
This issue celebrates the decades-long relationship Austin Seminary has enjoyed with students and supporters from The United Methodist Church.

Windows Vol.133, No.3 (Summer-Fall 2018)
"Scholarship for the Church." This issue focuses on the theme of scholarship in service to the church and includes perspectives from three faculty members.

Windows Vol.133, No.2 (Spring 2018)
"Chaplains: Making it personal." This issue focuses on the vocation of chaplaincy.

Windows Vol.133, No.1 (Winter 2018)
"Luther and the Reformation." This issue covers the seminary's Reformation Day celebration for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Windows Vol.132, No.3 (Summer-Fall 2017)
"A Community of Learners." This issue discusses the MDiv along with other degrees offered by Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and how they prepare graduates to pursue a variety of ministries.

Windows Vol.132, No.2 (Spring 2017)
"The interfaith Imperative." This issue features essays from within the seminary on interfaith issues.

Windows Vol.132, No.1 (Winter 2017)
"Boundary-Stretching Ministry." This issue explores the expanding vision of the church.

Windows Vol.131, No.3 (Summer-Fall 2016)
"A Hunger for Holy Places."
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