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Chapel Sermon

2020-11-10 Chapel Sermon (Wiginton, Melissa).mp4

Melissa Wiginton preaches on proclaiming the gospel in this "in between" time. The Scripture reading was Psalm 130; 1 Peter 3:18-4:5.

Chapel Sermon

2020-11-03 Chapel Sermon (Todd, Asante).mp4

In this election day sermon, Asante Todd reflects on what it means for us to live in Harmony. The Scripture readings were Psalm 122, John 16:19-22,…

Chapel Sermon

2020-10-13 Chapel Sermon (Helsel, Carolyn).mp4

Carolyn Helsel reflects on the threshold moment of 202 and charges us to seek justice today. Scripture readings were Psalm 23 and Luke 4:16-21.