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Tape 1, Side A
Description: Audio recording of the first Jones lecture of MidWinters 2001. Dorothy Bass lectures on Christianity in a late modern world.
Creator: Bass, Dorothy C., 1949-
Date: 2001 January
Type: Sound

2012-09-25 Chapel My Ebenezer (Bodman, Whit).mp4
Description: Whid Bodman Preaches on Psalm 30 and Matthew 25:31-46.
Creator: Bodman, Whitney S., 1950-
Type: Moving Image

2024-03-19 Chapel Sermon (Jones, Bobbi Kaye).mp4
Description: Bobbi Kaye preaches on Psalm 118, Mark 1:1-11, and Philippians 2:5-11.
Creator: Jones, Bobbi Kaye
Date: 2024-03-19
Type: Moving Image

Cultivating Ideas, with Rev Bobbi Kaye Jones.mp4
Description: In the Fall of 2023 Rev. Bobbi Kaye Jones made in-person, pastoral visits with several of our former students who “graduated” during Covid early days, as well as some who started seminary while we were only online. Certainly their experience of…
Creator: Jones, Bobbi Kaye
Date: 2024-04-11
Type: Moving Image

Cultivating Ideas, with Dr David Jensen.mp4
Description: Controversies over gender identity are routinely in the headlines these days. But these controversies are hardly new to Christian faith. This webinar explores how some early Christian perspectives on gender disrupted dominant cultural assumptions…
Creator: Jensen, David Hadley, 1968-
Date: 2024-04-09
Type: Moving Image

2024-03-05 Chapel Sermon (Noya, Ludwig).mp4
Description: Ludwig Noya preaches on Sabbath.
Creator: Noya, Ludwig
Date: 2024-03-05
Type: Moving Image

Cultivating Ideas, with Dr William Greenway.mp4
Description: In numerous books and essays Professor Greenway, inspired above all by the Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, has argued for a post-secular affirmation of moral realism grounded in the passion of agape. This presentation, taken from his newest…
Creator: Greenway, William, 1963-
Date: 2024-02-29
Type: Moving Image

Cultivating Ideas, with Eric Wall.mp4
Description: We explore ways that music goes with us in Lent. How do songs help us listen in this season and carry wisdom with us?
Creator: Wall, Eric
Date: 2024-03-07
Type: Moving Image

2024-02-27 Chapel Sermon (Jensen, Dave).mp4
Creator: Jensen, David Hadley, 1968-
Date: 2024-02-27
Type: Moving Image

2024-02-20 Ordination of Donghyun Jeong (Irizarry preaching).mp4
Description: The seminary community and guests celebrate the ordination of Donghyun Jeong, with President Irizarry preaching. The Scripture reading was Mark 8:31-38

Date: 2024-02-20
Type: Moving Image
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