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2019-02-04 Midwinters Sermon 1 (Johnson, Sarah).mp4
Midwinter 2019, Opening Worship: Sarah Johnson preaches that prayer, faith, and justice must be held together in this first Midwinter sermon of 2019. The Scripture reading was Luke 18:1-8.

2017-02-01 Midwinters Westervelt 2 Unbearable Scrutiny (McCray, Donyelle).mp4
In this second Westervelt of 2017, Donyelle discusses the life and work of Howard Thurman.

2017-02-01 Midwinters Westervelt 1 Got some nerve(McCray, Donyelle).mp4
First Westervelt Lecture of 2017. Donyelle McCray discusses the life and work of Civil rights activist, lawyer, and Episcopal Priest Pauli Murray.

racial ethnic fellowship.jpg
2001 Photograph of the Austin Seminary Racial Ethnic Fellowship

2017-02-01 Midwinters Jones 2 Gregory was always active (Andrews, Jerry).mp4
Second Jones lecture of 2017.

Photograph of Elsworth "Pete" Wright at his Austin Seminary birthday party, 1991

Photograph from the Austin Seminary Bulletin, March, 1976 depicting Elsworth "Pete" Wright and Joe T. Sheeler at the Austin Seminary Association banquet. Wright was the first African-American to receive the Austin Seminary Association (ASA) Award for…

Photograph of Sharon Alexander, the first African American administrative assistant at Austin Seminary, serving as the assistant to Prescott Williams until 1978.

Bridgett Green hr_BW.jpg
Photograph of Austin faculty member Bridgett Green

2017-02-01 Midwinters Jones 1 Augustine was never alone (Andrews, Jerry).mp4
First Jones lecture of 2017. This lecture deals with issues of friendship and St. Augustine.
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