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Description: A newspaper clipping of picture and description of Austin Seminary community member Ricky Holmes and the excitement of and anticipation of the Christmas holiday circa 1950s.
Creator: Austin American Statesman
Date: 1950/1959
Type: Text

Description: Rev. Lang wrote to the paper in Fort Stockton from Camp Merritt in New Jersey, giving an update on his deployment, which was canceled due to the Armistice. Lang would continue to serve as chaplain to soldiers (including injured soldiers) coming home.
Creator: Lang, Cecil H.
Date: 1918-11-25
Type: Text

Description: This poem was handwritten by solider Pat George Bright of Merritt, New Jersey, to his girlfriend. It found its way into Rev. Jones "soldier file," perhaps because it was left behind in the church or sent to Jones for safekeeping.
Creator: Bright, Pat George
Date: 1918
Type: Text

Description: Rev. Jones received many cards and souvenirs from the soldiers with whom he worked at Camp Travis and at his church. This card has a 1918 calendar printed on the back (in English and French) and is signed "Best Wishes from John B. Bartlett, Somewhere…

Date: 1917-12
Type: Text

Description: Volume: Volume 3

The Seminite began as a student publication in 1925. It was renamed The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Bulletin in 1926 and was also occasionally referred to as The Austin Seminary Bulletin. From 1945 on, in order to…
Creator: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Date: 1927
Type: Text

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Date: 2003-2004
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