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2019-02-06 Jones 2 Journalism as Bearing Witness in a Fake-News Era (Beaty, Katelyn).mp4
2nd Currie Lecture of 2019: Katelyn Beaty discusses the way journalists can shine light on both the brokenness of creation and God's redemptive work.

2019-02-05 Midwinters Sermon 2 (Johnson, Sarah).mp4
Midwinter 2019, Tuesday Worship: Sarah Johnson preaches about the what happens when we tell the truth in this second MidWinter Sermon of 2019. The Scripture reading was Mark 6:14-29.

President Wardlaw reflects on the nature of Truth in our world today. The Scripture reading was John 18:33-38. Note: This video incorrectly gives the year as 2016.
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