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2021-04-27 Chapel Sermon (Cuellar, Gregory).mp4
Description: Gregory Cuéllar asks "why should we care?" and answers with some principles from Psalm 23 why and how we should concern ourselves with the well-being of others.
Creator: Cuéllar, Gregory Lee
Date: 2021-04-27
Type: Moving Image

2021-04-20 Chapel Sermon (Jones, Bobbi Kaye).mp4
Description: Calm your fear so that you may bear witness. The Scripture reading was Luke 24:36b-48.
Creator: Jones, Bobbi Kaye
Date: 2021-04-21
Type: Moving Image

2021-04-13 Chapel Sermon (Johnson, David).mp4
Description: David Johnson preaches on doubt on the Tuesday after Easter. The Scripture reading was 1 John 1:1- 2:2.
Creator: Johnson, David W., 1950-
Date: 2021-04-13
Type: Moving Image

2021-04-06 Chapel Sermon (Lincoln, Timothy).mp4
Description: Tim Lincoln preaches on resurrection on the Tuesday after Easter Sunday. The Scripture reading was Mark 16:1-8.
Creator: Lincoln, Timothy D.
Date: 2021-04-06
Type: Moving image

2021-03-23 Chapel Dealing gently with (our) humanity (Zirschky, Andrew).mp4
Description: In this Lenten Sermon, Andrew Zirschky encourages us to embrace and learn through our human weakness. The Scripture readings were Psalm 22:1-11 and Hebrews 5:5-10.
Creator: Zirschky, Andrew
Date: 2021-03-23
Type: Moving Image

2021-03-09 Chapel Revival (Rigby, Cynthia).mp4
Description: Cindy Rigby preaches on the God's law in this Lenten Sermon. The Scripture reading was Psalm 19 and Exodus 20.
Creator: Rigby, Cynthia L.
Date: 2020-03-09
Type: Moving Image

2021-03-02 Chapel Sermon (Park, Suzie).mp4
Description: Suzie Park calls on us to be like and appreciate the unsung "Sarahs" who exemplify God's faithfulness. The Scripture reading was Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16.
Creator: Park, Song-mi Suzie
Date: 2021-03-02
Type: Moving Image

2021-02-24 Chapel A Time Fulfilled (Green, Bridgett).mp4
Description: Bridgett Green preaches on the promise of God's kingdom amidst the injustice and oppression in Jesus' time and our own in this Lenten Sermon. The Scripture readings were Psalm 25:1-2a, 4-5 and Mark 1:9-15.
Creator: Green, Bridgett
Date: 2021-02-17
Type: Moving Image

2021-02-02 Chapel Opening Worship A Gift in the Wilderness (Wardlaw, Ted).mp4
Description: Ted Wadlaw draws on the wilderness story in Exodus to remind us to keep our eyes open to God's providence in this opening worship sermon for the spring 2021 semester. The Scripture reading was Exodus 16:2-15.
Creator: Wardlaw, Theodore J.
Date: 2021-02-02
Type: Moving Image

2021-01-25 Midwinters Worship 2 Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow (Clark-Porter, Kaci).mp4
Description: Second MidWinter Sermon of 2021. Kaci Clark-Porter preaches on hope for change in circumstances when nothing seems to change. The Scripture reading was Exodus 1:8-2:10.
Creator: Clark-Porter, Kaci
Date: 2021-01-26
Type: Moving Image
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