McRae (Thaddeus W.) Papers


McRae (Thaddeus W.) Papers


McRae, Thaddeus W., 1831-1882


The McRae Papers Collection consist of a letter, note, and the transcribed autobiography of Thaddeus McRae (1831-1882) who was a Presbyterian pastor in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. In addition to the note detailing the transcription of the autobiography, the documents detail McRae's life, opinions, work as a pastor, and difficulties he faced during the Civil War; both as a pastor within a fractioning church and as a supporter of the union in the south


McRae, Thaddeus W., 1831-1882


1866, 1880, 1929


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary



Collection Items

Note on the Autobiography of Rev. Thaddeus McRae
This note describes the original source of the autobiography and that it was transcribed from an original copy.

The Autobiography of Rev. Thaddeus McRae
The autobiography details McRae’s life; he discusses his ancestors, childhood, family life, character sketches, work as a pastor, the Civil War, the Church schism, and other subjects.

Letter from Rev. Thaddeus McRae to Rev. David Fairley
The letter documents the difficulties McRae faced in Port Lavaca during the fractioning of his church membership due to disagreements surrounding the Civil War.
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