Heyer Lectures


Heyer Lectures


The Heyer Lectureship was established to honor George S. Heyer Jr., professor emeritus of the history of Doctrine, for his 30 years as a valued member of the Austin Seminary Faculty. The purpose of this annual lecture is to symbolize and advance the important relationship between the academy and the church, to recall the long-lasting cooperation between UT-Austin and the seminary, and also to encourage the positive relationship between faith and knowledge.


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary



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Storytelling as/for Relationality
2023 Heyer Lecturer Vox Jo Hsu dicusses how the stories we tell can both perpetuate and fight injustice.

Isaiah and the Utopian Transformation of the Jubiliee
Lecturing via Via Zoom, Jonathan Kaplan examines the ancient Hebrew and Christian reception of the year of Jubilee outlined in the Hebrew Bible.

The Last Jews: What the Experiences of Intermarried Families Can Teach us About the Holocaust
Tatjana Licthenstein explores the experiences of intermarried Jewish and non-Jewish families in World War 2 era Bohemia in this 2019 Heyer Lecture.

Heyer Lecture 2018
Joseph E. Peniel discusses the citizenship and the legacy of the civil rights movement in this 2018 Heyer Lecture.
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