Austin Seminary Photographs


Austin Seminary Photographs


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary was established in Austin, Texas in 1902 with the mission of educating and equipping ministers for service in the Southwestern United States.

This collection contains photographs, slides, and negatives dating back to 1921 and running up to the current day documenting seminary life, students, faculty, and the buildings and grounds.

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Jacqueline Saxon, undated
Jacqueline Saxon, first African American cabinet member and Vice President of Austin Seminary, preaching at UBC

James Lee, 1999
Photograph of Austin Seminary alumni and board of trustee James Lee

Sharon Risher, 2017
Photograph of Sharon Risher, Austin Seminary alumni

Valerie Bridgeman Davis, 2018
2018 Austin Seminary Distinguished Award winner Valerie Bridgeman

Marvin Griffin, 2011
Photograph of Marvin Griffin, Austin Seminary Board of Trustee and alumni

Student photograph of Jacquline Saxon, 2000
Student photograph of Jacquline Saxon, first African American cabinet member and Vice President of Austin Seminary.

Student photograph of James Lee, 2000
Photograph of James Lee, Austin Seminary alumni, staff, Austin Seminary Association Board member, and Board of Trustees member.

Days of Memory and Hope event banner, 2019
Image used as a page banner for the 2019 Austin Seminary event, Days of Memory and Hope: “African Americans and Austin Seminary: Toward Beloved Community”

HESED Lecture Group, 2014
Group photo of the March, 2014 HESED lectureship.

Racial Ethnic Fellowship, 2001
2001 Photograph of the Austin Seminary Racial Ethnic Fellowship
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