Cunningham (Thomas McHutchin and Hilda) Scrapbooks


Cunningham (Thomas McHutchin and Hilda) Scrapbooks


Thomas McHutchin (T.M.) Cunningham (1887-1979), Presbyterian pastor, was born March 22, 1887 in Turnersville, Texas. On February 14, 1923, he married Hilda Lydia Hugon (1889 - ?). Hilda Cunningham was born December 8, 1889. The couple had one daughter, Hilda Grace (Tinker), born in 1928. Both T.M. and Hilda were very active in the Presbyterian Church in Texas.

T.M. received a Bachelor's degree of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1916. T.M. served in various capacities ranging from pastor to musician to Director of Religious Education at many Presbyterian churches in Texas, primarily in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, through the 1930s. From 1941-1947 he was a professor of Bible & History at Daniel Baker College in Brownwood, Texas.

Hilda Cunningham attended North Texas State Normal School (now the University of North Texas) to obtain teacher training from 1916 until her graduation in 1918. In 1933, Hilda assumed the presidency of the Texas Synodical of U.S. Presbyterian women. She had been the president of the Fort Worth Presbyterial previous to this appointment. She also served as secretary of the Women's Advisory Committee of the Presbyterian Church during this time.

The complete inventory for the Thomas McHutchin (T.M.) and Hilda Cunningham papers is available here:

These images are from three scrapbooks that were most likely compiled by Hilda Grace Cunningham. The Hilda and T.M.C. scrapbooks, respectively, document the life and interests of Hilda and Tom. The Hilda and Tom scrapbook primarily contains photographs and materials relating to their activities together with the church, family, and travels.

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Tom and Hilda Page #20
Tom and guest at his 90th birthday party on March 22, 1977 (upper left). Tom, Martha Howell, Lila, Tinker and Hilda at Tom's 91st birthday party in 1978 (upper right). Tom and Hilda, Christmas 1976 (lower right).

Tom and Hilda Page #19
Tom and Hilda, August 1974 (upper left). Tom and Hilda, Christmas 1975 (upper right). Tom, Tinker, and Chris, May 1976 (middle left). Tom at an Eliasville Reunion in July 1976 (middle right). Tom and Hilda at the Denton Good Samaritan Village in…

Tom and Hilda Page #18
Tom, Tinker, Bill, Robin and Suzanne at Tom's 50 year reunion for Austin College (upper left). Tom and Hilda, Easter of 1964 (upper right). Hilda and family, Thanksgiving 1967 (middle left). Tom, Hilda and Tinker, Christmas 1968 (middle right).…

Tom and Hilda Page #17
Tom retired (a second time) 1967 after serving as the supply pastor for the Sanger-Valley View United Presbyterian churches for fifteen years.

Tom and Hilda Page #15
Tom and Hilda celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a party thrown by Tinker and Bill on February 18, 1973 at the Women's Club Building in Denton, Texas.

Tom and Hilda Page #14
Hilda and Olna Boaz singing "Happy Birthday" to Tom on his 90th birthday on Mar 22, 1977 (upper left). Tom in a state coach in the Johnny Caces Restaurant in Longview, Texas on April 14, 1967.

Tom and Hilda Page #12
Tom, Hilda and Mrs. Marshall (Bessie Fay's Mother-in-law) with Ronnie and Randy Lee Carey at Boys' Ranch shortly before Labor Day in 1967 (upper right). Tin with Amish boys in Lancaster, PA in 1966 (lower left). Ed, Tom and Hilda in Wyncote, PA in…

Tom and Hilda Page #11
Tom flew a Ercoupe, often flying over a hundred miles, among his trips, Tom flew to visit his sister Edna at her west Texas ranch, to visit his sister Lila in Turbeville, VA and to Chicago, IL to see Chicago play the Detroit Tigers. Hilda did not Fly…
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